Friday, 23 October 2009

Still No Luck

It's been too long...again. I thought making a blog would mean I would have something regular to update but now it turns out my life has nothing to offer that would be interesting enough to put on here. So excuse me while I try and make my life more exciting. It can't be much less interesting than it is at the moment.

I need some crisps.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

You Can Never Call A Show Cornflakes

The title has no relevance whatsoever to the content of this particular post. I am not part of a show nor have I had any cornflakes this morning. (If you must know I had a sausage sandwich complete with lashings of tomato ketchup, but that's beside the point.) But I thought the upkeep of this thing was important so let's push on. I don't really have a particular coherent thread running through any of this so I have decided to recap general goings on in the form of a simple list style.

I actually have new clothes meaning I am no longer swanning around in clothes with copious amounts of holes in and walking in shoes that have a steep gradiant on their heel. A new jumper is part of my recent purchases and I love it so much I really don't want to take it off ever again.
- I had a sausage sandwich this morning, as already mentioned above.
- My Empire magazine actually came on time this month so now I don't have to spout off about the sheer incompetence of the Royal Mail.
- I have procured ten pounds which means my purse in no longer just a hiding place for my cards, old receipts and pieces of light shy lint.
- The first two episodes of the sixth series of House were great to watch giving me hope that this series will be better than the morbidly depressing fifth.
- Couple this with the new programme of Channel5, Flashforward, and I pretty much have my television options sorted for the next six months.
- My room is clean.
- The team I was on won the pub last Monday after several attempts of trying. The joy was almost too much to bear.

- I still haven't been paid due to some incompetent jocks pissing around with my money across the border. So I am midly pissed off but very poor indeed.
- My favourite t-shirt has a hole in it. This makes me very sad indeed.
- I tried to start a diary, again, and failed after two entries, again. I had even gone to the trouble of decorating the damn thing with giraffe and penguin stickers. What a pissing waste.
- Muse's new album. Apart from the Exogensis Symphony at the end, which is phenomenal by the way, I am just not feeling it at all. Seems to be trying too hard to be overblown and grandiose. It's a shame really because I bloody like them.
- Someone has ate all the KitKats and I know fine well it wasn't me.

So there you go. The last two weeks condensed into succinct points. How exciting.